Entry #9

Hello you tube!

2012-03-12 05:12:47 by DoobyTimePiece

This is mostly for you tube

Hello ninjas!

Dooby here and i am toally needing to do this because you tube dose not believe that i my self have created
my own songs!!!!

So if you tube is looking at this.

I Dooby Time Piece(gage seewlad) here by grant GageOninja (gage seewald)
Full use of all my songs For any video and for commercial use.
this means that all arrangements have been made for GageOninja to use my music in any way he see's fit.




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2012-03-12 07:00:45

I feel shunned

Because I am not you tubes :(

DoobyTimePiece responds:

well if you want you can always check out my transformers reviews. :D